WGAC Book Club – First Meeting Information

The following is the notecard sent from SusanPoora Resident.  She is the volunteer in charge of WGAC’s book club.

Date : Jan 15, 2019
Day : Tuesday
Time : 7pm
Title : Christmas of Love
Book Link :
By : kayla_rose09



“Its New Year already? Aww, shucks… No more Christmas cookies…or shots!”
Are you one of these person? Or maybe you are one of the person like me, a university student who missed the full Christmas essence because of the Finals? Or maybe, you are just one of those sweet suckers of Hallmark movies? Or just an old-fashioned book reader who loves books? Or whoever you may be, no one says NO to a good-ole christmas story that brings love and joy straight to our hearts, aye? If you would love to feel the christmas once again in this new year, join us at Willow Grove Art Centre’s Book Club to pour out those love.

Do read the book before arrival. Anyways, whoever just want to come listen and have a good time, just stop by. A good book is a good company folks, embrace it.

With love, Susan.

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