WGAC Snowflake Hunt- 0L$ & 40 Prizes!


WGAC Snowflake Hunt Starting Point

I would like to personally take a moment to thank my wonderfully kind and generous SL mom EmmaKae for donating all these amazing gifts for the hunt.  I can never say thank you enough times to tell her exactly how much it means to our organization to be able to offer all these wonderful items and draw new people to see our centre. 

If you have a chance, I encourage you all to go and join her free group and play her 70+ boards at EmmaKae’s Lucky Letter!  She gives away her beautiful original creations to her group members.  How amazing, right?!  Thank you again Mom, Willow Grove Art Centre thanks you from our deepest roots! ♥

40 gifts can be intimidating but no need to stress!  We have pictures to show you and if things start feeling TOO  overwhelming, try giving area search a try!  One more note for you.  My mom was EXTRA sweet and also put multiples in on most of the gifts so you get SO many more then 40. 

Happy Hunting & Bundle Up!



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