WGAC 2018 Halloween Ball was Spectacular!


On October 19th, 2018, a small group of Willow Grove Art Centre Staff and supporters gathered together for its first ever Halloween Ball and let me tell you, we had a blast!

There was dancing, food, great music, tons of prizes, and even more laughs!

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ALL of our guests looked amazing (and our DJ and Hostess too!) but only two were able to be crowned our 2018 WGAC Halloween Ball Royalty!  It was close…let me tell you.  I am pleased to present…

WGAC 2018 Halloween Ball Royalty

Their photos will be displayed in the Welcome center of the Art Centre as long as WGAC stands!

A HUGE “Thank You!” to our many Sponsors who helped this night go on with wonderful gifts and donations.  Please take a moment and visit each one of them and show your support for these artists who, unselfishly, support WGAC and it’s cause.  Art is for everyone, it can connect people in ways never imagined and we want to provide a free place for people to come to share, learn, grow, connect, and just belong when perhaps they haven’t ever felt that feeling before.

We partied a little longer then planned, did some trivia, had some food, danced the night away, and as the night drew to an end, we said our good byes.  As I was cleaning up, I couldn’t help but think about all the fun we just had.  I feel so lucky to have been able to spend this time with these amazing people.  It was truly a night I will never forget.


Did you miss the Ball?  No Problem!  There are still tickets for the WGAC Halloween Spook-Tac-U-Lar happening October 31st from 6 to 8 pm SLT!  You can get those Here!


It will be different but just as awesome!



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