WGAC Fashion Expo 2018 – Sept 15-30

Visit the Expo HERE!

From September 15th through the 30th, visit the Willow Grove Art Centre Fashion Expo to show your support for the arts, artists, and also to pick up some pretty great things!  Our amazing group of fashion artists have supplied a FREE gift (some more then one) for everyone to enjoy!

This Fashion Expo is inspired by the changes of the seasons, travels around the world and the Boho/Chic style. All together will be wrapped up with a touch of magic. The center is awesomely decorated welcoming the arriving of the Autumn. The reason for this event is to give new creators a way to expose their art and for their fellow seasoned artists to be there backing them up with their splendid creations. This expo is truly for the love of art and is a non-profit fashion event assembled with love.

Come and join us creators and residents of Second Life starting September 15th, and let us celebrate with nature and its many wonders in a fashionable way!

Participating vendors


Here are some of the FREE GIFTS available at this event!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a family-friendly location and event and everyone is welcome.  We can not wait to see you there!



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